About us

AL-Kadi Global Group is looking forward to distinguish investment through rendering a group of services and goods starting from its privately owned Nooran Shops and the French Morgan fashionin Kuwait.

The beginnings of al-Kadi global group werein the year 1973

Opening the first Nooran shops in Kuwait. 

Respecting the taste of the consumer is considered as one of the important slogans raised by the group. We aim at fulfilling the desires of the consumer by supplying the best goods and facilitating the services in our different branches and commercial shops. These branches and shops witness great flourishing year after year due to its acquiring the trust of their customers and taking their needs into consideration together with the development of modern times and the difference of modern needs day after day.

A huge team works in AL-Kadi Global Group in different jobs with all levels and with different specializations and skills. They are all characterized by the high efficiency quality, long experience and great ambition that drive them to achieve the best for themselves though AL-Kadi Global Group all our employees are always ready to realize the targeted success, development and regional expansion in the different investments of the group.

Regarding profit concept, AL-Kadi Global Group has a different vision which does not concentrate on material profit only but trying always to maintain the success it reached in the Arab and global market in general and in Kuwait in particular. This is in addition to its ceaseless work trying to expand mutual trust space with its clients and continuous search for fulfilling their needs and desires starting from their basic needs to the luxuries